How Well Do You Demonstrate Your Impact?

New tailored versions of Measuring Up! – our impact readiness tool – have been developed to help you review and improve your impact practice.

Measuring Up! is designed to help charities and their funders reflect on how well they plan and deliver their work and whether or not they are having the maximum impact.

The new tailored versions have been developed to specifically help funders and smaller and volunteer-led organisations. They will enable you to undertake a health-check on the key steps required to achieve and articulate your impact.

As you work through the self-assessment a concise picture will be generated outlining your strengths and weaknesses across each area. An action plan can then be downloaded to help you improve on those key areas of your practice.

The online tool comes with guidance on how it should be best applied and who should be involved in order to get an accurate picture of how well you are doing. The questions or indicators are divided into four sections: plan – do – assess – review to reflect the structure of the impact practice cycle.

Aongus O’Keeffe, Inspiring Impact NI Programme Leader said:

“We are delighted to add two new bespoke versions of this invaluable resource to help support the VCSE sector and their funders in Northern Ireland.  We would encourage all organisations and funders of the VCSE sector to sign-up to Measuring Up! and make a commitment to improving how you think and go about demonstrating the difference your work makes.

Measuring Up! can be accessed here.