Intro to the Slot Machine, “Cash Express”

Money Train and Money Train 2 by Relax Gaming are two examples of Western-themed slots with a streak respin bonus round set on the side of an old locomotive. Despite the amusing similarity in names, Cash Express is not the same as Money Train. Instead, it is Stakelogic’s chance to transport players to the Wild West in a slot game replete with gunslingers. Scatters may be collected to reveal Enhancer symbols, which can be used in the game’s hold and win Cash Bonus round.

The train carrying the game’s 5×3, 25-payline reel-set rolls into town like the slot it appears to be trying to replicate. While the surrounding area is obscured, the cutscenes reveal a frontier village with wooden buildings and dirt roads. There isn’t much more to say about Cash Express than the fact that it’s relatively normal fare for the genre, with dudes and ladies brandishing weapons, a few badges, and nothing to actually set it apart from a bunch of other games.

Cash Express is compatible with any device and includes Stakelogic’s popular Super Stake option. The standard betting range is 25 percent to £/€12.50 every spin, while the Super Stake betting range is 35 percent to £/€17.50 per spin. Turning on Super Stake boosts players’ potential to enter the bonus round. The theoretical payout percentage (RTP) appears to stay constant at 95.7% regardless of how you play, and the volatility is somewhere between medium and high.

When at least three of the eight regular pay symbols appear, left to right, on adjacent reels beginning on the left side of the panel, a win is triggered. The median grade is a J-.Five of a type of any rank pays 2 times the wager, whereas a line of any four guns pays 8-20 times the wager. If a wild sheriff badge appears on any reel, it will replace any symbol (with the exception of the train) and be worth as much as the highest paying premium.

Playing the Cash Express Slots

In Cash Express, you may either buy or unlock Enhancers by collecting train symbols, and then utilize them in the game’s Cash Bonus round.

Added Financial Benefit

If you get 6 trains in the main game, you’ll trigger the Cash Bonus and get 3 free spins. In this case, train symbols are either worthless or have multiplier values. When a symbol lands, it drops to the lowest available place and the number of spins resets to 3. Now, any applicable multipliers are awarded and cleared from the grid whenever the bottom row is filled with five symbols. All remaining symbols will shift to the reels’ lowest positions, and the number of remaining spins will decrease by 3. When the game is over, the accumulated multiplier is used to choose a winner and the stake is awarded.

Supplements to Cash Bonuses

Each train sign that appears in the main game counts as one step closer to gaining access to Bonus Enhancers. If you wish to adjust your bet, you may view your previous progress in the meters above the reels. Unused Boosts are stored until the Cash Bonus function is activated. When you go back to the main menu from the bonus round, the collecting system will start over. In the bonus round, each Booster has its own unique effect:

The first multiplicator (x2-x30) is displayed.

The second booster displays a multiplier between 2 and 50, which is used in addition to any existing boosters.

The third booster adds a row to the grid and exposes a multiplier value between x2 and x50.

The fourth booster displays a multiplier between 2 and 100, and it also accumulates any other visible multipliers.

Spend Money on a Bonus

In certain cases, rather of having to gather or activate the bonus round, players may be able to pay for immediate access to it. Unlocking random Enhancers for the free spins comes at a cost of 140x the wager.


The sum won can be risked after a victory. If you guess the color or suit of a face-down card, your bet is doubled or quadrupled. However, if you make a false guess, you will lose the entire pot.

Money Order: Slots of Justice

This is a somewhat unusual game. The harder Stakelogic worked to differentiate itself from Money Train, the closer Cash Express came. However, Cash Express can’t be called a rip-off because the gameplay is so distinct. Neither can we say that Cash Express is a fantastic game. Some of the game’s features were clumsy and took away from the experience, and the innovations were just as much of a deterrent from playing Cash Express as they were from trying it out.

In order to earn the bonus game’s multipliers, players must first gather symbols along the bottom row, making it a bit of a peculiar feature. I’m not sure if this approach will ultimately prevail over the conventional practice of using non-removable money symbols. When the bottom row rule was applied for the first time and the bonus round concluded, leaving some money symbols on the grid uncounted, a peculiar feeling was formed. The blue, meaningless rail markings frequently obstructed the view. Others stacked up on reels because they were rejected for being in the wrong position. While Cash Express has its moments, the most of the time it just seemed clunky and awkward to use.

The method used to collect payments might also be a problem. Sometimes bonus rounds begin before you’ve unlocked a single Enhancer, forcing you to start your collection process all over again. It could be tempting to just purchase the feature to avoid this, but it would be rather expensive when you consider that you can avoid getting the dead train symbols and non-bottom row wastage by purchasing the Money Train bonuses for 80-100x.

Cash Express is an odd mix of truly unique material and recycled material. Part of it makes an effort to stand out, while the rest blindly follows the latest trend in dubious fashion. While I applaud Stakelogic for experimenting, I find Cash Express to be a bit disorganized and less fun than other hold & win games. There’s no need to rehash the competition; Cash Express has a distinct advantage in this field.

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