The 1×2 Network has been granted a license in Ontario.

Since the debut of the regulated iGaming market in Ontario in April, the number of iGaming firms wishing to leap into the market has continued to grow. This is due to the fact that these firms have witnessed the success of early entrants who have tapped into one of the largest online gambling marketplaces in the world. The database of licensed businesses in the province now includes 1×2 Network, which is the most recent addition.

Casino operators in the Ontario market have been eager to add more casino game providers into their catalogues. 1×2 Network, which owns both 1×2 gaming and Iron Dog Studios, will now be able to sell software and games from their respective brands to casino operators in the Ontario market. The developer has distributed a number of video games throughout the years, some of which include Blazing 777s, Strike, Battle Maidens, and Phoenix Inferno.


In point of fact, 1×2’s debut into the Ontario gambling market is not the company’s first foray into the Canadian gambling market.

Several years ago, the company signed a licensing agreement with Loto-Québec.


In a statement, 1×2 Network CEO Roy Kimber claimed that Ontario has the potential to become one of the most lucrative markets for online casinos in North America. “Ontario promises to be one of the greatest online casino marketplaces in North America,” Kimber said. “As a result of this, it was only logical for us to join the province in its pursuit to become a leading source of high-quality slot and table game content.”


Kimber discussed the history of his company as a provider of reputable and trustworthy software solutions for gaming, which are currently making their way across Canada with the support of Loto-Québec. He confirmed that 1×2 Network predicts that the company’s content would do just as well in Ontario as it does anyplace else in the world. In other words, 1×2 Network is targeting the entire world.


Permission to operate is already in place for the 1×2 Network in a number of different countries and regions, such as Sweden, Spain, Romania, and Greece, amongst others.


In addition to those places, it is also active in the business world in the Isle of Man, in Gibraltar, and in Malta, as well as in the United Kingdom. The reach of 1×2 Network, which is mostly based in Europe, has lately been expanded thanks to the newly launched operations of the company in Canada, which are anticipated to produce fruit in the not too distant future.

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