The World’s Best Online Casino Expo Is Finally Here!

The annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E) has finally resumed operations after a difficult year in 2020, during which the convention was held virtually and on a far lesser scale than in previous years. The information has been welcomed by influential people in the online casino sector, as it is known as the industry’s largest and best online casino expo.

The event that will feature commercial and tribal gambling role-players has begun in Las Vegas, and attendees are expected to be there. Attendees will have the opportunity to benefit from a truly educational experience that will, this year, place more of an emphasis on quality than quantity. The event will be hosted this year by the spectacular Venetian.


Even though the event won’t be able to accommodate its typical showcase of approximately 27,000 individuals in attendance, it signals a return to at least some sort of normalcy. The American Gaming Association, which operates the expo, has expressed their excitement about this year’s event.


Top Keynote Speakers

This year’s proceedings will be opened by a number of keynote speakers and professionals who represent the best online casino brands and software studios. Topics such as the modernization of payment methods, the rise and legalization of sports betting, and general growth across the industry are anticipated to be the order of the day.


Following the discussion panel on the importance of diversity within the business that will take place during the opening round, American Gaming Association President and Chief Executive Bill Miller will give a talk on the current state of the industry. A panel discussion on the topic of the recovery of the sector following the global health crisis is also scheduled to take place. In this specific conversation, Nevada Representative Dina Titus and Silver State Governor Steve Sisolak will be participating in separate roles as their respective roles require.


IGT Declares That Game Time Has Arrived

However, the main focus of this year’s expo will not be on changes within the sector; rather, participants will get the opportunity to view the most recent array of the top online casino games that have been developed and produced by iGaming studios. This year, attendees of the conference will have a lot to look forward to in this particular area, as it is anticipated that a vast assortment of brand-new content and gaming items will be on exhibit.


This year, “It’s Game Time” will serve as the overarching theme for IGT Gaming, as stated by Nick Khin, chief operating officer of IGT Gaming. He stated that the theme works well with what the firm is now doing, and that this year is a major one for the award-winning brand. He also noted that the theme resonates well with what the company is currently doing.


According to Khin, many of the games and items that IGT will be showcasing throughout the course of the expo are anticipated to have a significant influence on the sector in the not-too-distant future as well as over the course of many more years to come.


The participants of the expo have a lot to look forward to during this year’s event. In addition to items from IGT, attendees will get the opportunity to see premium new offerings from companies such as JCM Global, Aristocrat Gaming, and Scientific Games Corporation.

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